Thursday, August 9, 2007


I'm waiting for my ubuntu to update, so I'll kick off with my bits and pieces


c2888 ( it means nothing, I just needed a user id at school, I mean it's my secret agent ID)

Current Car:
Toyota Starlet Life 1997

Previous Ride history and status:

  • White AE86 supercharged, currently resting needing attention
  • Yellow Corona Wagonia, current loan car, used by all when their daily rides break, or are in other parts of the world
  • Brown AE86, got supercharged, never saw road, engine went to white one, then sold to be a drift nats champ, got all the way to purple and CA18DET powered, but ended up parted out Sad
  • Green AE86, Bought it CHEAP, stacked, but with all the goodies now in the white one, parts now spread across australia.
  • Green VW Beetle, Stacked into a Camira on my P's, 6 month good behaviour bond, crushed, put motor into white Beetle
  • White VW Beetle, resting after long hard life, spiders live inside, and moss on the outside Very Happy
  • Red AE82 Corolla Twincam, thrashed and abused, then sold to my uncle, he loved it Very Happy
  • Green Tarago Toaster Van, Stolen from Dandenong Plaza by junkies, stacked in reservoir, AAMI payed out to fund Red Corolla

Mod list:
  • Starlet runs stock mechanicals not even a pod or exhaust.
  • Interior dressups like steering wheel, paseo front seat, tacho dash from JDMbro starlet, coin holders, cupholders, card holders.
  • Stripped back half, so it's 2 seater now.
  • Knockoff CE28 'style' magline 17s, dropped a little.
  • Yes the drums look tiny behind the wheels.
Track records, Drag times, Dyno results, Achievement etc:
Ask shaun, I think I hold the record for my class at winton within the exe-crew members Razz
Starlet has dragged off porsches
Sprinter dragged off 350z and Lamborghini
Corona has taken out a WRX
43400 watts at front wheels in the starlet

Personal Rating (6/6):
  • Track: 4/6 Been once, so I can improve.
  • Drag: 1/6 - Never been, but I'm sure I can make it to finish line
  • Touge: / Mountain 2/6 - Trees and cliffs scare the shit out of me
  • Drift: 3/6 - Can hold a circle, but can't afford to be silly anymore
  • Power / Dyno: 6/6 - 43.4kw is a lot of watts Razz
  • Audio / Show: 2/6 - I give myself 2 because I have a cd player, and BIG rims (for a starlet)

Few words from c2888 :
  • Why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: I'm here because I need other people to hang with, people that aren't d1cks. Everyone I meet from exe is humble, no matter what you drive, you are an equal.
  • What do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: Some one show me the fast way around winton, so I can get under 2 mins Very Happy
  • Motto, Catch pharse, etc: "Rice ain't nice", "Stay in school", "2JZ in any car = skids"

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