Monday, July 16, 2007


USERNAME: jally07

Current Car: 2007 VW Golf MKV GTI

Previous Ride history: he is my 1st... so precious... hehe

Mod list: my 2 Stitch stickers on my back windows... 10kw man!! oh and my Stitch tissue cover too, another 10kw man!

Track records, Drag times, Dyno results, Achievement etc:

  • Winton: 2:06.638
  • 0-400m: 15.9 @ 150.65 km/h
  • Dyno: 131.8kw (20 of which came from my Stitch!)
  • Achievement: spinning like crazy in Wakefield and mud ALL OVER my car, the smile on my face... PRICELESS
Personal Rating (6/6):
  • Track : 2 (finally brave enough to turn the traction control off, but still so much to learn)
  • Drag : 2 (I love drag I love drag I love drag!! did I mention I LOVE DRAG?? hehe)
  • Touge / Mountain : 1 (twisties scare me... like The Ring kind of scares me... no more for me man)
  • Drift : 0 (I would love to drift my FWD though hehe... one day... all in good time baby)
  • Power / Dyno : 4 (I'm happy with what I have now, but of course still got plenty of rooms for more... and that's where the chip comes in )
  • Audio / Show : 1 (well, not into audio at all. BUT I still wanna put graphics on my car... just need to save up some spare cash and find someone who can draw *looks at Silas* hehe)
Few words from jally07:
ummm.. you do know that once I start talking, I'm gonna go over that 1000 words limit in like 3 minutes, right? hehe
  • why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: I was crossing the road one day and this stupid red Mazda 3 with this "infinity" sticker on the windscreeen was hooning on the street and almost hit me! hahaha NAHHHHH just kidding man! well, I used to think forum is a nerdy thing... but then after I know these people, I become one of the nerd!! Good thing about exe crew is we are like family, we see each other all the time, we hang out and we talk shit!! Plus, you know they are always there for you, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, EXE Crew promise to be faithful to you until death parts us

  • what do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: I wanna learn how to reverse park without knocking down a pole... oh what? I did not just say that!! I wanna learn how to drive fast without scaring the shit out of myself or my passanger!! I wanna learn how to take care of my car and then maybe one day I don't need to ask stupid question like umm... which is the clutch? (ssshhh I know where the clutch is!!)

  • motto, catch phrase, etc: Things always happen for a reason... cos I said so!! haha nah, for real, they do happen for a reason

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