Friday, July 13, 2007


USERNAME: wokstar
Current Car: 1990 Toyota Starlet GT EP82

Ride history:

  • 1990 Toyota Starlet GT (black): Driving home one night on the freeway I see a car approaching really really fast. I'm doing 100 and this car is flying towards me. It zooms past. All i catch is a glowing GT badge on the back of a little hatch. I later find out, it's called a Starlet GT!

    After 6 months of work and finding a car in QLD then having it put on a truck down to Melbourne, I finally have one to call my own! And thus begins my love affair with my little tartlet. Doesn't look real pretty. Paintwork is cracked and chipping. On paper it looks pretty crappy too. 1.3lt with a weener turbo strapped to it. However it weighs 830kg. So power to weight isn't too bad. It's a fun chuckable and forgiving car. I love it to bits. I think I can safely say that no matter what other cars I will buy in the future, I will always have a GT tucked away in my garage.
  • 1990 Toyota Starlet GT (white): Bought another one! This one flipped off a cliff in Marysville and I purchased it dirt cheap as a parts donor car. GT's aren't very common in Australia and an estimate of less than 20 in Melbourne! Gotta hang on to as much EP82 crap as I can!
Mod list:
Spray cans and cable ties.

Track records, drag times, dyno results, achievement etc:
Winton: 1:44

Personal Rating (6/6):
  • Track : 3/6 - car is great and not at it's full potential because the driver is rubbish Razz
  • Drag : -
  • Touge / Mountain : 2/6 - only fast when competing in GUM TAPE DEATH MATCHO! Razz
  • Drift : -
  • Power / Dyno: 1/6 - Fantastic for a 1.3 lt. Bad compared to everyone else's cars!
  • Audio / Show : 1/6 - Can't hear the stereo if the windows are open...

Few words from Wokstar:
  • Why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: If exe crew was a woman i would want her to have my babies.

  • What do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: I want to be fast through corners....where do i sign up for this?

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