Sunday, July 15, 2007


Username: MiC

Current Car: 1983 Toyota Sprinter

Previous Ride history: 1985 Toyota Sprinter. Went through a lot of other owners since. One of the owners after me has modified it quite nicely, but sadly the last time I saw it, it had just got sold to a new owner who was involved in an accident - Frontend damage.

Mod list: Steering wheel, wheels, that's about it.

Track records, Drag times, Dyno results, Achievement etc:

  • Winton: 1.49 on street tyres

  • Charcoal chicken to Silas' house: 9 minutes

  • Dyno: 92.6rwkw

  • Drag: TBA - Very curious to see where my car is at compared to other cars, so I'll find out one day.
Personal Rating (6/6):
  • Track : 2/6 - Tracked 1.1 times, so hopefully plenty of room for improvement. Need to sort out my marshmallow suspension.
  • Drag : 2/6 - Never been to drags, but I think I know how to drive in a straight line
  • Touge / Mountain : 3/6 - I haven't followed anyone I couldn't keep up with, (besides that one time my engine was running broken styles on black spur), but I'm sure there are people willing to push pass the limits of safety.
  • Drift : 3/6 - I can rip a skid :p
  • Power / Dyno : 1/6 - Come on, 92rwkw with N/A torque
  • Audio / Show : 2/6 - Tiny speakers
Few words from Mic:

Be yourself, not other people. Express yourself. Be considerate. Don't eat yellow snow. Listen to Mic. Max 1000 words hey? Can I just say, "hump", 973 more times?

  • why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: Cool bunch of people who aren't in it because they need a social group to belong to, but are people who are truly into cars. Exe-crew are people who keep it real!

  • what do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: My aim is to beat Lewis Hamilton ... Ok, back to reality .. I'm not sure.. I just want to enjoy cars and usually the better you get at something, the more fun it gets!

  • motto, catch phrase, etc: "Should be okay" - Even though it usually never is :\

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