Monday, April 7, 2008


USERNAME: Icegroove

Current Car: 2000 Integra Type R (DC2R) aka BUM8LB

Previous Ride history: 1985 Mazda 626 'Super Deluxe' (Super Deluxe cos it had a/c, power windows and power steering! Also had a PIMP interior Smile )

Mod list:
- 4-2-1 Headers (Heat Wrapped)
- 2 1/4" Full Exhaust (Heat Wrapped)
- CAI Piping with Pod Filter in OEM Air Box
- Cusco Rear Strut Bar
- J's Racing C-Pillar Bar
- Arospeed Floor Bar
- Carbon Fibre Front Lip
- Carbon Fibre Rear Pods/Lip
- Vision Technica Carbon Fibre Side Mirrors
- Carbon Fibre Spark Plug Cover
- Carbon Fibre OEM Bonnet
- Honda Access JDM Door Visors
- 6000K HID Kit
- Rays Lugs Nuts (Black)
- S2000 Antenna
- Black Indicator/Parker Light Housing
- Defi VSD
- Prosport Oil Temperature Gauge
- Proport Oil Pressure Gauge
- Buddyclub P1 Rear Camber Kit
- S2000 Engine Start Button
- N/A Timer
- Spoon Socks (lol)
- Alpine 4" Splits (Front)
- Alpine 6"x 4" (Rear)
- Alpine MP3 Head Unit

Current Wheels/Tyres
- Buddyclub 16" SF Limited Edition - Matte Black/Yellow Ring
- 215/55 Bridgestone RE001 (Adrenalins)

Previous Wheels
- Rota MF-10 - Bronze
- 215/50- Falken Azenis RT-215

- OEM DC2R Rims (Enkei)
- Bridgestone Potenza G3

Track records, Drag times, Dyno results, Achievement etc:
Winton: 1:54
Dyno: 114.3KW ATW.

Personal Rating (6/6):

* Track : 2/6: Only been once! Was heaps of fun - a lot of learning to come!
* Drag : 2/6: Would like to get some slips done...maybe in the future.
* Touge / Mountain : 3/6: I like twisties....I think I do better here then in Drag...
* Drift : (-10/6)DC2R drift!? HA! Razz
* Power / Dyno : (2/6) 1.8Litres. N/A. What do you think!? haha
* Audio / Show : (1/6) Neither. Audio is exhaust and vtec. If you want a show - go to Dreamz or Rhino's. hahaha

Few words from Icegroove:

* why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: Fantastic group of people who share similar interests and love hanging out together! First car club I know that actually focuses on the people and networking rather then how fast ones car can go. Basically a bunch of friends enjoying each other companies (in cars...)

* what do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: Learn what the limits are for me and my car, how to handle/feel the car, understand the mechanics/technical side of things.

* motto, catch pharse, etc: got none!

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