Wednesday, October 10, 2007


USERNAME: Flameboy

Current Car: 2003 350Z Track

Mod list:
K&N panel filter
APS twin 2.5in catback + 'X' pipe mod
Megan Race pipe
RSR ti2000 titanium spring (not much lower that stock but stiffer and lighter)
Cusco Front adjustable Upper arm

BRIDE GIAS low max - Kevlar back
DIY oil cooler
enough spare wheels and tyres for every occasion Laughing

Previous Ride history:
  • 1984 Skyline 4door 2.4 6cyl (thx to visage, my first mentor... this is my first car in Aus) i learnt few things from this first car in aus, including oz driving rules... lol
  • 1996 Magna V6 auto then i figured that i just want a cheap comfy family car (being my first proper V6 with decent torque, i thought this was the fastest car on the street Razz)
    until one day i cruise with paul (pehul27) and irlan (AKA). and they smashed my magna in their smaller 4cyl.... here is when my eyes start to open
  • 2004 Mazda3 SP23 the 1st [MERAH] --- so on 2004... i decided to go back to manual cars... Razz still dont know much about car, bought SP23 for its handling and nice headlight / tail light Laughing i intended to do up the car like any other indo... bling rims, lowered, leather interior, and audio... but lucky i didnt had the chance...

    i started to actually enjoy driving the car instead of just showing it of... and i starting to learn more about car and how it works instead of following what others do or being a parts picker...

    i learned a lot from this car and this car will always hold a lot of memory to me... i was so attached to the car... it may not be the fastest car out there, but for 2.5 years driving it, i've been thru alot... the fact that not many parts available for this car actually make me learn more and research for what i need....

    after 2 gearbox frenzy, plenty of broken driveshafts, few broken engine mounts and some minor mishap, i thought its time to move on to a car that can take abit more abuse.... not that anything bad with mazda3, its just for what i want to do, i need a car that have strong sports gene in it...
  • Yamaha YZF - R6 2006 [RONIN] bloody fast... too bad didnt own it for long, had to sell it for house deposit...

Track records, Drag times, Dyno results, Achievement etc:
Heathcote: 14.4s @ 101mph - 0-400m

Winton 3Km: 1m 41s
Sandown : 1m 29s
Wakefield : 1m 12s

Protek Dyno: 160kw atw

Personal Rating (6/6):

* Track : 4/6 (im getting quick, but far from fast... still alot too learn)
* Drag : 2/6 (can't launch Razz)
* Touge / Mountain : 4/6 (i'm pretty confident around twisties as long as its not pouring rain)
* Drift : 2/6 (not much for now, but at least im not scared going sideway anymore Razz)
* Power / Dyno : 1/6 (only 4-5kw up from stock 350z Razz)
* Audio / Show : 0/6 (i rarely turn my audio on when im driving, and my car is too dirty for show Razz)

Few words from Flameboy:

  • why are you in the crew/what do you think of exe crew: good friends. the fuel of my flame... can't imagine how would i be without them. you can count on them.... exe-crew ftw...

  • what do you want to learn in terms of car / driving related: i want to have more fun with driving and i was to be able to 'feel' and understand more of how the car reacts on whatever im doing to it Razz e.g: hit it with hammer... jk

  • motto, catch pharse, etc:
  1. "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa"
  2. "sometime, the only way to know ur limit, is to step over it"
  3. "oh shit... what was that? ah well... "
  4. "its croy-sans... not croissant"

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